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We have decided to conduct a round of "Maintenance Interviews" in order to do a constructive audit of our current member base as well as hear feedback directly from our members on a few key aspects of our business. 

These will be 20-minute calls with our founder, Aspen Gatz.

In order to remain a Gatzby's Member you must complete a Maintenance Interview.

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The goal of these interviews is to not exclude, but to learn more about who you want us to include. We have received feedback that Gatzby's Members want to continue to feel as though you are a part of something truly special. Which is what we have worked incredibly hard to build here at Gatzby's. We want you to know that members are not simply being accepted because they completed an application on an advertisement. That each person was selected with care - including you! 

From here on out, all new members will do a 30 minute interview with our founder, Aspen Gatz. She will be hand selecting each new member accepted into our community. In doing so she will be vetting new members through a psychological method she first trialed with our 7 initial members. Before doing so, she wants to first better understand & know who we have already been serving. She wants to know what you are looking for so she can best make decisions when accepting new members. 

Please keep in mind, Gatzby's is an INCLUSIVE community. We accept members based upon compatibility within our current member base. Just because a person is "waitlisted" does not mean that they will never gain access to our community. We simply want to make sure each member can get the most out of their membership with us. If a new applicant does not yet have a high compatibility rate with our current member base, we will go out of our way to diversify until we do. Then, in turn, this new cohort of members will be accepted into Gatzby's knowing that they will be able to find what they are looking for within our community. 

Some topics to expect during this call are the following: 

  • How active do you intend to be with Gatzby's? We want to make sure that our member base is committed to being a part of our community. That is why this maintenance interview is required. If a member cannot kindly lend 20 minutes of their time for a brief conversation, we are not confident that they will be an active member of our community. We also want to understand how frequently we should be hosting experiences for our community moving forward.

  • What kind of experiences are you interested in attending? We have trialed a few different models when it comes to our experiences. These include Gatzby's Prologues (single destination "higher end" experiences similar to our September event), Gatzby's Shorts (Smaller dinner experiences similar to our December event), & Gatzby's Narratives of which we are testing at an incredibly basic level currently. She will be explaining each of these in order to understand your interest in each design so we can move forward accordingly. 

  • What price points do you see fit for a Gatzby's Membership & for our ticketed experiences? As current members, you are all considered Founding Members & will never pay a membership to Gatzby's. As we accept new members we will be charging a membership for our services & we want to hear from you what would be a fair price point for this. We also have a few ideas on how we can add value to our community between experiences & want to hear from you on these matters. As we scale, a true Gatzby's Narrative will be set at a higher price point than any of our other experiences that have come before. We want to explain the intricacies of these experiences & see if you think what we are planning to charge is realistic for you to attend at least once a quarter. These experiences fall more into a category of attending a festival or concert. Something you don't do as often, but are willing to pay a higher price because of the value they hold. 

  • Finally, as touched on before, we want to know more about you! What YOU specifically need & are looking for. We have built this entire business around connecting our members to such & want to be able to do so on a personable level. We want you to feel as though you know us at Gatzby's too, starting with our founder who cares an incredible amount about serving you. 

I can't wait to speak with you!

Founder & CEO, Aspen Gatz

I want to thank you for taking the time to speak with me. I cannot express how grateful I am for this community who has made this entire dream possible.

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